TimeOutIQ is only available for Android Devices with Operating system versions 7.0 and above. iOS is not suppported at this time.

What should I do if I encounter
issues related to the mobile app?

First, check to see if you are running our current version and, if not, perform an upgrade. Getting the latest version often solves common issues. If upgrading doesn’t resolve things, and if you don’t see an answer for your issue below, please email support@timeoutiq.com with a description of the behaviour.

Please include the following information in your email:

Name of device
OS version
Steps to reproduce the problem

Troubleshooting App Permissions

Why do you need to update the
permissions on your child’s device?

TimeoutIQ is a screen time management app which means it needs to provide you with the ability to set a time interval after which the phone will automatically lock out your child. TimeOutIQ should also be prevented from being uninstalled from your child’s device unless as the parent/guardian you uninstall it yourself.

This is why it’s important to understand how to set up or update the app’s permissions on the device.

I have installed the app on both my device and the device used by my child, but it fails to launch or monitor my child’s device.

- If you encounter this problem, please check the permission settings on the device assigned to your child.

The following permissions should be checked or updated:

- Device administrator permission

  • Go to Settings > Search for Admin > click on Device Administrator > Select TimeoutIQ>Click on Activate
  • This permission will prevent your child from uninstalling the app and lock the device once the allotted screen time expires.
  • Learn how to grant Device administrator permission.

- Accessibility permission

  • Go to Settings > search for accessibility > scroll down and click on Accessibility > scroll down and click on TimeoutIQ > Activate
  • This permission will monitor if settings or permissions change on your child’s device. You will get notified, as well.
  • Learn how to grant Accessibility permission.

- Overlay permission

  • Go to Settings > search for Display over other Apps > click on Display over other Apps > scroll down and click on TimeoutIQ > activate
  • This permission will allow the app to display TimeOutIQ’s educational content on any running application.
  • Learn how to grant Overlay permission.

- App usage permission

  • Go to Settings > search for Usage > click on Usage Information Access > scroll down and click on TimeoutIQ > Activate
  • This permission will track all the applications running on your child’s device and provide you with app usage reports and TimeOutIQ logs.
  • Learn how to grant App usage permission.


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